Well Past Time to Stop Using NOELs and LOELs, with Wayne Landis and Peter Chapman

Drs. Landis and Chapman are authors of an editorial in the October 2011 issue of IEAM entitled, “Well Past Time to Stop Using NOELs and LOELs.” The editorial was essentially a call to end the use of these two measures in favor of more statistically robust approaches. Join us as we hear more from Wayne and Peter on their call to move away from relying solely on hypothesis testing.

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About the Guests

Wayne Landis
Wayne Landis

Wayne Landis’ research interests in environmental toxicology are varied. Research areas include quantitative structure activity research in mutagenicity and aquatic toxicity, hydrolysis of organophosphates by enzymes found in protozoa, invertebrates and birds, biodegradation of riot control agents, multivariate analysis in microcosm data analysis, application of complex systems theory to risk assessment, and development of the Relative Risk Model for multiple stressor and regional-scale risk assessment. Recent research has focused on the application of regional risk assessment to management environmental systems, including invasive species, watersheds, forest management, and wildlife disease.

Wayne is one of the founding editors of Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management. He also serves on the Editorial Board for the Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, a journal covering a wide range of topics in risk assessment and decision making. Landis is also the Area Editor for Environmental/Ecological Risk Assessment for the journal Risk Analysis. In 2007 he became a fellow of the Society for Risk Analysis. He has authored over 100 peer-reviewed publications and government technical reports, made 220 scientific presentations, edited three books, and written the textbook, Introduction to Environmental Toxicology, which is now in its fourth edition. He has served on numerous committees and consulted for industry; NGOs; radio and television; as well as federal (US and Canada), state, provincial, and local governments.

Peter Chapman

Peter Chapman has over 30 years experience in ecotoxicology, risk assessment, and aquatic ecology, including integrated assessments of aquatic ecosystems. He has published over 200 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters and edited three books. In addition to contaminants, his publications include the other major stressors of aquatic ecosystems: climate change, habitat change, introduced species, and eutrophication. Dr. Chapman is a member of the USEPA Science Advisory Board (Ecological Processes and Effects Committee). He is Senior Editor of the international journal Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, edits Learned Discourses in the journal Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management, and he is on the Editorial Board of three other international journals. In 2001 the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) awarded him their highest honor, the Founders Award, for lifetime achievement and outstanding contributions to the environmental sciences.

Articles Referenced in this Podcast
Landis WG, Chapman PM. 2011. Well past time to stop using NOELs and LOELs, IEAM 7#4:vi–viii.

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